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Tax Lien Servicing Software for Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien SoftwareTax Lien System for All Tax Lien States

Cut costs of audits, errors, and overhead

Raise returns with instant strategic reports

Take control of your portfolio performance

LienApp® is the #1 tax lien system designed by tax lien experts for tax lien investors

LienApp® is an enterprise solution in the cloud

LienApp® optimizes efficiency and cash flow

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VADAR® is the recognized industry leader for revenue recovery and tax lien servicing software.  Building on 20+ years of tax lien experience with both the government “sell” side as well as the investor “buy” side, we are revolutionizing the way our private investors manage their tax lien portfolios. VADAR® tax lien applications have successfully processed and managed more than $2 Billion dollars in tax lien investments and redemptions.

Our enterprise-grade and future-proof LienApp® tax lien software coupled with expertise and award-winning customer service will save you time, money, and effort. Our robust cloud platform gives 24/7 secure access to your portfolio from any online device anywhere.