About VADAR Systems

Our Technology

From our inception in 1996, all VADAR® applications have been built on a Microsoft Windows® platform.

Each application is designed and developed by a team dedicated to making the apps easy to learn and for use in a wide range of environment types and sizes.

A cloud based delivery platform is a core component of our solutions. The days of only accessing your apps from your office computer are in the past. Our approach allows access to your applications and data from just about any internet connected device in the world – including lap tops, smartphones and tablets. Our apps have been tested and optimized for all the major hypervisors - VMWare, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V.


How Do You Develop Your Software?

The company began with one application and one client. Since then, every application has been designed with the input of our clients and our users. Our philosophy of “user driven development” has allowed us to create and implement sophisticated, intelligent applications which are both easy to use and feature rich. The full line of over 40 financial applications across Tax, Tax Lien, Accounting, and Utility departments is formally evaluated by our market and application specific Think Tanks.