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All MA webinar trainings now available to watch offline

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Missed the last webinar training?  Or attended one a couple months ago and want to watch part of it again?  Just contact us at and we'll give you a recorded copy you can view offline.  These make good "refreshers" anytime.  The following are available:

Property Tax Data Bridge Partial Update for Owners and Addresses - 3/6/2014

Paul leads the group through updating specific parcel information between bills.  If you mail a separate fourth quarter bill, then this is a good one to have.

Accounting 1099 Do's and Don'ts - 1/8/2014

Ted guides one of the best attended webinars through 1099's.  Starts with vendor
setup and invoices, moves into reporting and maintenance, and ends with creating the actual 1099's. 

Property Tax Actual (Q3/Q4) Billing Walk-thru (Data Bridge + Billing Process) - 10/23/2013

Mike conducts a thorough and concise review of the entire third quarter billing process.  Includes Data Bridge review, adding liens and special assessments, how to handle CPA, and finishes up with creating debits and bills/exports.